Wednesday, March 18, 2015


[verse 1]
How majestic is your Name,
[comment est grand ton nom]
Oh Lord, in all the earth    
[ô seigneur, sur toute la tetre]
Yea, Your Name is Strong and Mighty,
[ Oui votre nom est fort et puissant]
Your Name is glorious and great,
[ votre nom est glorieux et grand]
in Him we are safe
[ en lui nous sommes en sécurité]

The Name of Jesus ,
Higher than other names,
King of all kings,
No other Name like His
The Name of Jesus
Higher than other names
Alpha and Omega,
no other Name like His

[verse 2]
Your Name like sweet perfume
poured upon my soul, yea
In Your Name we overcome
In His Name there’s victory,
His Name is powerful!

The Name of Jesus
Higher than other names,
King of all kings,
no other Name like His,
The Name of Jesus,
Higher than other names,
Alpha and Omega,
no other Name like His  X2

Every other god there are deader than dead
Jesus died and rose again, we lift Him higher
In Your Name every knee shall bow
In Your Name all men are saved

Oh, we call upon the Name
Call His Name(JESUS!)
Call that Name(JESUS!)
Call that Name(JESUS!)
Oh oh oh JESUS!

Lift up your voice, call that Name(JESUS!)
Mighty God(JESUS!)
oh oh oh JESUS!
Oh oh oh JESUS!
You can call that Name: (JESUS!)
In every situation: (JESUS!)
Whatever it is,(JESUS!)
 however it is: (JESUS!  Oh oh oh JESUS!)

That Name is a miracle,
that Name is salvation,
deliverance, healing
Lift up your hands say Jesus,

the blind man sees in His Name,
cancer is gone in His Name,
the growth disappears in His Name
Oh Yea Yea!Call that Name: (JESUS!)
What’s His Name: (JESUS!)
You got to call that Name: (JESUS!)
Over your family, over your children:  oh oh oh JESUS!
Call that Name: (JESUS!)
Mighty Name: (JESUS!)
Call that Name: (JESUS! Oh oh oh JESUS!)
Over your finances, call that Name: (JESUS!)
Over your home call that Name: (JESUS!)
Over your body call that Name (JESUS oh oh oh JESUS!)
Whatever it is: (JESUS!)
Whatever situation: (JESUS!)
Yea, Yea! Jesus Oh oh oh JESUS!

Oh Miracle in your Name (X2),
situation turns in that Name,
Lift up your hands and bless the Name of the Lord –
oh all things are possible in that Name (x2)
Oh the Name has been given unto us,
 over our families,
 over our jobs,
over our homes
Lift up your hands and say Jesus,
the Name above all Name,
above any financial situation
above any health situation,
Say lord that Name Jesus 
oh oh oh oh Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
Jesus!  -
Jesus over my family
Jesus over deliverance -
Jesus oh oh oh Jesus

(Thanks Anthony Innocent for the French Translation)


anthony ola said...

Very powerful song,love the drummer nd keyboardist nd the sound of the violin

Anonymous said...

God bless you sinach! indeed the name of Jesus is the name by which i live, move and have my being! the greatest name of all.....

Cassy Kole said...

God bless you and thank you very much Synach, your songs are powerfull my Spirit is lifted whenever I listen

Noeline said...

Dear Synach,
Your music confirms that the Lord is speaking to us all in your songs.
And my tears are of joy to the our Mighty God each time I hear your beautiful song of grace to all.
God Bless you and your family.

leah nabirye said...


Unknown said...

Love this .very powerful

Unknown said...

My God d song is life itself, Jesus over all. Thank u lord nd God bless sinach

blessing ella said...

My God d song is life itself, Jesus over all. Thank u lord nd God bless sinach

yemi fadipe phillip said...

that name JESUS....drives all my fears away,cos the devil and his cohorts dread it...Jesus is indeed above all situations of life...trusting His name more..thanks sinach

Anonymous said...

Powerful song ever! It carries me to the spiritual realm whenever I listen to the song In The Name Of Jesus. The sweetest name, so powerful, so conquerable.thanks, more anointing.

Florence Diseyi-emmanuel said...

God bless you Sinach for this song! Jesus!!!!!

Petros Shayanowako said...

Great song, like all your other songs. Very spiritually uplifting. God bless you lots sister Sinach. You are God-sent

relevantlife said...

Great song, always listening to it before I move out. God bless you great woman of God.

Nagitta Sharon said...

Dear sinach,I love your music so much.I thank God for your talent. your songs really repair the broken hearts and make me firm in the Lord JESUS. God bless you.

Rowo Gee said...

Yet another love song for Jesus. Sinach does it well and in this song, she slayed it.. God bless her.. Indeed his name his miracle and deliverance... Let's call that name. JESUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Unknown said...

Yeeees the name of Jesus above all situations I can't have enough of this song

Mable Themba said...

Powerful song sinach, it brings my soul closer to the Lord, I feel his presence whenever I play your songs.... Be blessed

Benito said...

Oh my God. I just can't sit down idile when am listening to Sinach songs. This is special. When the name of Jesus is mentioned everything dead becomes alive. Truly he lives forever. Jeeeesuuuuuus!

Alicia said...

This song is very powerful and I have to sing it for church and I am very homered

william said...

I am really blessed by your songs

Yonelisa Mhlwana said...

I feel the power of God inside me whenever I'm listening to your songs. God bless your musicp

Loshani said...

Wow, I'm blessed..
Thank you Ma!